color vs classic sculptures

What are the differences between classic & color sculptures?

For many thousands of years, sculptures have kept their uniqueness and charm. People use them as a gift for showing appreciation and gratitude, and this would be a perfect way to keep moments and people alive in hearts. You might have heard about custom classic sculptures and full color sculptures.
Do you know the differences between them? Wow, you’re so smart: Color is the first difference! Actually, both of these sculptures can be made with 3D-printing, but there are some differences between them except color. These sculptures are different in terms of surprising level, age category, durability of charm, material resistance and process of design. If you are confused about buying a sculpture as a gift or you need some information about these two types of sculptures, don’t leave this page. Also, sculptures can be used as a gift, but have you ever heard about history of gift giving and factors of surprising? If not, Click here and read our article . You can see features and most common differences of these two type of sculptures in below table.

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camparision between color and classic sculptures

1. Consider Age Category

color vs classic in term of age

Custom classical sculptures are appropriate for people over 25 years old. This type of sculpture usually is used for the appreciation of outstanding people and their efforts. Also it can be used to keep alive the names of those who have made great changes in the world or those who were a star in a particular field like sport, singing, leadership, or even war. More importantly it’s a great gift for your loved ones, elders and friends. In return, full color sculptures are great for children over 2 and people under 25 years old, because the color and charm of sculpture are more enjoyable for this age category!

2. Custom Classical Sculptures Are More Surprising!

Process of full color sculpture design requires the physical presence of person for 3D-scan. Just imagine this conversation: “Hey babe, come on! Let’s take a 3D scan, I want to order your sculpture to surprise you in valentine’s day!” Clearly you can’t surprise nobody in this way! But for custom classic sculpture design you need just 3 photos that are taken from 3 different angles. There is no need to presence of the person! Another benefit of classical sculpture is that you can even order a statue of those who are not alive.
Do you know about 3D modeling of human face (and images)? It was a complicated process, but today it have been more easier. Click here to lear more about 3D modeling.

Summary of content

Full color sculptures are usually appropriate for kids, teenagers, and people under 25 years old and custom classic sculptures are usually appropriate for adults over 25 years old and people they are not alive!

If you are looking for something that keeps its glorious over time, custom classic sculpture is a good option! Full color sculptures are very chram in short term, but they loose this feature over time!

Classic sculptures are more resistant than color sculptures. So, consider the maintenance conditions in decision making.

Consider that for making a full color sculpture you must take a 3D scan andi this process will reduce the level of surprising. Making classic sulpture need just 3 photos that you can take them easily and surprise every body.

3. Material Resistance

color vs classic in term of resistance

Full color sculptures are made from plaster - gypsum building material - and custom classic sculptures are made from polymer that have higher resistance to temperature and humidity. Sculptures that are made from plaster must be kept indoor and away from humidity because the existing gypsum can be slightly soluble in water and high temperature may damage it. In return, sculptures are made from polymer are more resistant to humidity and temperature, but still it may be rotted over time (Don’t worry! Some protective materials can prevent rottenness in polymer sculptures).

4. The Older They Look; The More Glorious They are!

“Anything that is so splendid, will lose its attractiveness soon!”

That’s right: colored and splendid sculptures are beautiful and attractive, but very soon they can be boring! It’s different about custom classical sculptures! Although they are monochrome, but their attractiveness increase over time! Actually, the older they look, the more glorious they are.

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