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Selfix B2B service to convert face image to 3D model

3D Model Ordering process

Sending photos

Sending and accepting photos

Send us photos. We check them and inform you if we need more accurate and better photos.
You can use your smartphone or camera to take photos.

Taking Photo Instruction

$99 Prepayment

A $99 prepayment is neccessary before starting 3D designing. Your project officialy will start after you pay that.

Demanding revisions

Sending render and demanding revisions

We send you renders. You may demand some revisions. We reform renders to get your approval and Send you the final STL file that you approved. The rest of price should be paid in this stage.

Making sculpture by 3D Printer or CNC machine

Finally, you can 3D print your 3D printable file and have your custom sculpture. The final file is suitable for FDM and SLS 3D printers.

3d printing or CNC

Compare photo and render

Image 1 Image 2

The way Selfix convert face image into 3D model

If you have a 3D printer and the idea has came to your mind that you can build custom sculpture and statue using them for your customers, Selfix 3D designer team can help you. All you need to do is: sending a few photos (at least 3) of customer’s face! We create and deliver you a 3D model of face that is suitable for printing with FDM and SLS printers. Easily print the final 3D face model we sent you and deliver the sculpture to your customer after polishing, coloring, and packaging processes.

There are a lot of softwares for converting face photo to 3D model. You can learn more about these softwares in this article:
» How to convert 2D image to 3D model?

Keep in mind that the output of all these softwares is a color 3D model that must be printed with color 3D printers. If you are looking for more similarity, get help from a 3D designer, cause the output 3D grid of softwares is not very accurate and if you remove the texture and color from the model, 50% of similarity disappears.

Dear User! Note that Selfix 3D design service doesn’t support creating 3D face models for DLP and ColorJet printers. We design classic 3D models of face that are suitable for 3D monochrome printers.
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Rihanna: Free 3D File
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Face image into 3D model with Selfix

color vs classic in term of age

Selfix professional group of digital sculptors are capable of creating 3D face model from photos using Zbrush software for 3D printing. After you order, our team will convert face image to a 3d model that ultimately, the final result is ready for 3d printing process by FDM and SLS printers.

With Selfix 3D face modeling service you can enter the new market of human face sculpting with 3D printing and this is a great opportunity for both of us to grow our customers list.

If you have any question, read the most common and frequent questions that people have ever asked us.

taking photo instruction

Taking photo instruction

Don't forget: More accurate photos, more similarity to reality!

front view
side view

How to order 3D face model?

Price of this service is $199 for each 3D model.
Please read photo instruction before ordering and then use below button for getting 3D model quotation. Don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions.

Phone: +1 (949) 385-5666
Email: sales@selfix.me

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