Make 3D ModelOf Face From Photo

Know more about creating 3D models from photos using software, mobile apps, and online tools

1. Using Software

to convert face image to 3D model
faceworx software

1. Looxis Faceworx

An easy and amazing application capable of obtaining a tree dimensional figure of a face. It needs 2 photos to create a real representation.

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Context Capture software

2. ContextCapture

The principle of ContextCapture is to analyze several photographs of a static subject taken from different viewpoints, and to automatically detect pixels corresponding to a same physical point.

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Recap software

3. ReCap Photo

Use ReCap photot software to convert reality into a 3D model or 2D drawing that’s ready for further design.

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Agisoft Photoscan software

4. Agisoft Photoscan

After Autodesk ReCap and ReMake it’s now time for Agisoft PhotoScan. It’s a professional photogrammetry software includes comprehensive tools for editing the point cloud before generating a 3D mesh.

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123D catch software

5. 123D Catch

Its one of a range of free software from the CAD that is capable of converting photos taken from objects into 3D model.

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Memento software

6. Memento (ReMake)

Memento is a software solution for “converting any reality capture input (photos, scans) into high resolution 3D digital mesh replicas.” Todays, Memento solution is available as a commercial release with a new name: ReMake.

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2. Using Mobile Tools

to convert face image to 3D model

Icon App Operating system Extra hardware
3dsizeme app 3DSizeME IOS Yes ($379)
3dcreator app 3D Creator Android No
canvas app Canvas IOS (iPads only) Yes ($379)
capture app Capture: 3D Scan Anything IOS (iPhone X) No
itseez3d app ItSeez3D IOS (iPads only) Yes ($379)
Qlone app Qlone IOS/Android No
scandy app Scandy Pro IOS (iPhone X) No
scann3d app Scann3D Android No
scann3d app 2D to 3D image converter Android No
scann3d app PopPic Iphone No
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3. Using Online Tools

to convert face image to 3D model

Online Tool Brief Description
OmniVirt’s free 3D photo creator mobile application allows users to easily transform 2D photos into 3D.
Smoothie 3D
Online Smoothie 3D platform uses one image to create an online smooth digital model.
Convert face images, drawings, logos or anything you can imagine into 3D STL files for 3D printing or CNCing.
Use this free online tool to convert images into 3D .STL files suitable for 3D printing or loading into your favourite 3D editing package.
With Insight3D, you can create a 3D model from a series of images of a real scene.
3D Face Reconstruction
In 2017, British researchers revealed an interesting AI-powered tool that turns your face into a 3D model.
Embossify is an online design utility service to transform .JPEG images into 3D STL files suitable for 3D printing or CNC routing.
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4. 3D Designers

to convert image to 3D model

All of the above applications and software can convert photos to the 3D model you're looking for!

Sometimes, you may need more and more details, applying corrective changes, or an accurate and professional model. Also, You may have no time (or not on mood) to learn how these tools work! don't despair! In these cases, getting help from a good 3D scanner and designer is a good option (Of course, apart from the cost 😁).

3D scanning gives you a very similar model of the original photo. Great! But it has some disadvantages, too! 3D scanning is suitable for color models and making full-color sculptures with 3D printing. 3D mesh is something that determines the detail level of a model and as you see in the below picture, 3D scan can’t give you a high-quality 3D mesh. The texture is the most important factor of similarity in 3d scan and if you remove it from the 3D model, 50% of similarity disappears.

So, if you want to make a full-color sculpture and you absolutely need the texture, 3D scan is so helpful, count on it! But for getting a more customized and accurate 3d model, it's better to think about getting help from 3D designer services. They can create your 3D model any way you like!

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We are Selfix, a professional group of 3D portrait designers. No matter what is your purpose of a 3D model, We create it!

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