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Alberto Giacometti

Sculptor, Artist | October 10, 1901 – January 11, 1966

His artistic career in in sculpting is divided in 2 phases.
In early 1930s he was probably the most important Surrealist sculptor. He focused on human imagination. In late 1930s, He abandoned Surrealism and abstraction to pursue representing the human figure in a convincing illusion of real space. In an effort to explore themes derived from Freudian psychoanalysis, like sexual desires, trauma and obsession, he created a variety of different sculptural objects.
After WW2 a lot of artists show interest in Phenomenology and Existentialism, and based their artworks on these philosophies. And Giacometti's art was supposed to capture the tone of melancholy and loneliness that these ideas suggested.
He was probably the most important sculptor in 20th century.

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Selfix is a professional group of Artists who are capable of designing custom sculpture, Bust, and Statue from photos.
It will be 3D printed quite accurately.
Custom Bronze Sculpture, portrait Statue, Head Bust are our finest specialty.
Our final products is a spectacular integration of Art and 3D Technology.

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