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Auguste Rodin

Sculptor, Artist | November 12, 1840 – November 17, 1917

Auguste Rodin was fascinated by realism,
he turned his back on the idealism of the Greeks,
so he practically departed from centuries of old traditions of sculpting.
He always said: “The realities of nature surpass our most ambitiou dreams.”
Some of his sculptures were so realistic that people gets suspicious and accuse him of having taken a cast from a living model.
A lot of people think he was the greatest artist in his era.
He changed the art of sculpting forever so he widely named as the father of modern sculpture.

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3D Desing face | sculpturing

Selfix is a professional group of Artists who are capable of designing custom sculpture, Bust, and Statue from photos.
It will be 3D printed quite accurately.
Custom Bronze Sculpture, portrait Statue, Head Bust are our finest specialty.
Our final products is a spectacular integration of Art and 3D Technology.

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