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Sculptor, Artist | 1386 – December 13, 1466

He lived in the beginning of Renaissance era.
Europe was interested in renewing the ancient Roman-Greek culture.
Donatello and his friend Filippo Brunelleschi (the famous architect) left a significant influence on Renaissance art and architecture.
Donatello was a great master of many materials and mediums including wax, stone, stucco, wood, bronze and clay.
He was the first to illustrate the art of sculpture among the modern artists.
He was the first one to get distanced from Gothic style.

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3D Desing face | sculpturing

Selfix is a professional group of Artists who are capable of designing custom sculpture, Bust, and Statue from photos.
It will be 3D printed quite accurately.
Custom Bronze Sculpture, portrait Statue, Head Bust are our finest specialty.
Our final products is a spectacular integration of Art and 3D Technology.

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