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Sculptor, Artist | July 30, 1898 – August 31, 1986

In 20th century Henry Moore along with his biggest rival Barbara Hepworth were the pioneers of modern sculpting. They both studied at Leeds school of art and became friend and had a friendly professional rivalry since.
He is widely considered as one of the greatest sculptors in this era. Moore's approach was based on direct engraving on the materials like wood or stone.
He derived from European modernism and also from non-Western art. He does not like the modeling from clay and then molding with bronze.
A material had its own vitality, Moore believed, "an intense life of its own," and it was his job to reveal it. Moore's interest in non-Western art gave most of his early work to a leading figure, but as he matured he became more interested in using three dimensions.

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3D Desing face | sculpturing

Selfix is a professional group of Artists who are capable of designing custom sculpture, Bust, and Statue from photos.
It will be 3D printed quite accurately.
Custom Bronze Sculpture, portrait Statue, Head Bust are our finest specialty.
Our final products is a spectacular integration of Art and 3D Technology.

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