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When holiday is coming, everybody is waiting for a special gift! Giving gift is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction that can be an expression of true love to spouse, appreciation of someone’s efforts and achievements or just to show gratitude for having a dear person like your parents, family, and friends.
You may think that the biggest psychological gain from a gift belongs to recipient, but it’s not true! It is for giver, too. Actually, the act of surprise is mutual. As much as we’re waiting to surprise a person, we’re waiting for our emotions to be surprised by reactions of him/her. But there are some questions you may never have asked yourself!

have you ever thought about the history of giving gift? Where does this social tradition come from? Who gave the first gifts to each other and what were them? How to choose the best gift?

We have here some information that may help you to answer these questions and prepare yourself for the next gift giving time.

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The history of gift giving may go back to the start of human social life. It was common in caveman culture and was used to show love and affection to each other. Many thousands years ago, the leaders of tribes and clans expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the important achievements of others with giving some special things.
While you may think about something precious, but they were something like a shaped rock, a big tooth of an animal or even fruits. The historical researches show that men usually were the gift giver and women were the recipient. Men gave women gifts for the satisfying their sexual needs and care of children, and women gave men gifts for providing food and protection.
Now you know that where this social tradition comes from.


There are many different occasions for gift giving: birthday, wedding and anniversary, Valentine’s and Christmas day, housewarming, childbearing, offering good luck, reaching a great achievement, showing love and affection, and …. Gift giving help people to connect each other in terms of emotional. It can make them to feel sense of satisfaction and purpose about themselves. With a gift we can say others that we love them and show our sense of gratitude because of having them.


The TYPE of a gift is not the only factor for surprising, TIME is the second important factor. So, we propose you the RIGHT GIFT at the RIGHT TIME. The right gift is a memorable and practical thing. Note that this features are different from one person to another. You must consider their gender, favorites, age, lifestyle, relationship with you, morale, and attitude.
People like to be surprised when they are not expecting that! So, the right time is different from one person to another, too. It is not necessary to give a gift on a particular day to show your affection and gratitude to someone. Also, giving a gift earlier and later than a special occasion like birthday will increase the chance of getting so surprised! Of course, please don’t postpone it until next year!

The last words: Surprise your loved ones in the right time with the right gift!

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